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Apartments on the famous beach promenade of Phinikoudes

Type of property: Apartment
Сountry: Cyprus
Area, sqm: 83
Price, € : 340000

This development dominates the centre of Athens Avenue in Larnaca, known also as the famous beach promenade of ‘Phinikoudes’. The seven-floor, high standard building gives you an admiration of the sunrise horizon and makes your gaze travel through the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The building consists of 46 apartments of one, two and three bedrooms that benefit from high specification fixtures and fittings.
An air of elegance derives from Larnaca that blends gracefully its historical past with its modern life.  With its cosmopolitan and at the same time romantic and traditional character, Larnaca is a relaxing and reviving town. The town was an ancient Greek city kingdom. It was in Larnaca that Saint Lazarus arrived after his resurrection. In the 17th century, the town became the consular meeting point of all diplomats and traders of the island.

Today, Larnaca is a modern, cosmopolitan seaside town, with a population of 70,000, a yacht marina, a port as well as the island's main international airport. The town also hosts luxurious beach hotels, elegant restaurants, exclusive shops and vivid night life. Despite these, Larnaca still keeps her own tranquil colours, with an idyllic fish harbour, local fish taverns and folklore feasts.
There are so many sights to fascinate you, the breathtaking magical coastline repeatedly awarded the Mediterranean Blue Flag Award, the velvety beaches, the picturesque salt lake full of migrating swans and flamingos, the paramount landscapes with sensational scenic beauty in Spring time, the authentic villages in the countryside, the hill nestling monasteries in the town outskirts and many more...

The apartments offer a unique opportunity for its owners to enjoy an earthly paradise bathed in light from the sun, the fresh air and blue waters of the Mediterranean and the hospitality and warmth of the locals!


The structure of the building is underling, constructed by reinforced concrete.

The external walls of all the apartments will be constructed by brick of thickness 20cm. All the inner walls will be constructed by gypsum board of thickness 125mm for sound isolation purposes. This will be comprised with two chypsum boards on each side and in between rockwool, of weight 40kg/m3, will be placed for fire safety.

Prior to installing internal flooring (parquet, porcellanato or raised floors), high performance foam concrete is applied to an average thickness of 8 cm, offering better sound and heat insulation. Moreover, a specialized membrane material is installed under-floor for additional sound proofing.
Externally, or veranda's and balconies, high-spec screed concrete is applied to an average thickness of 9 cm with gradients to allow for removal of surface water. Cementitious water-proofing is applied in addition, prior to installing ceramic floor tiles. In all the internal spaces, except bathrooms, raised floors will be posed which are fire resistant, worth EUR 38.00/m2.

1. In the living room, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen, parquet solid wood - OAK - will be placed over the raised floor, worth EUR 21.00/m2.
2. In the bathrooms the floors will be of ceramics granite FIANDRE, worth EUR 21.00/m2. Also a floor light will be placed, worth EUR 188.00.
3. All the balconies will have ceramics granite, worth EUR 21.00/m2.
4. Communal spaces (stairs, corridors) will be tiled with marble of white colour.

Acoustic ceilings will be placed made of gypsum thickness 12mm which will be painted with emulsion.

The bathroom walls will be faced with ceramics granite FIANDRE worth EUR 21.00/m2. Kitchen walls will be faced with ceramics worth EUR 21.00/m2.

Constructed of dragging UPVC, according to the plan.
Exterior window and door frames are made of sheet-metal galvanize of dimensions 10cmX1,5mm.

Bedroom closet: Internally made of colored melamine 18mm and externally of MDF, which will be painted with spray which is the same color as the wall.
Kitchen sideboard: They will be of German Provenance provided by the company RATIONAL, wood colored WENGE, according to the plan.
Interior doors: Made of MDF and they will be painted with spray which is the same color as the walls.
Front door: Made of hardboard Irocco 4mm with Swedish wood frame, polished and with function accessories worth EUR 17.50. Worth of door is EUR 308.00.

Lavatory TOP 107 made of porcelain which is placed on a base of dimensions 100x55cm, worth EUR 103.00. Toilet ULYSSE made of porcelain, hanging with fixture water-closet, worth EUR 256.00/piece. Bath 170x75cm worth EUR 308.00/piece. Bath door, made of acrylic and white aluminum frame worth EUR 197.00/piece. Mixer made of nickel. One shaver socket will be placed and 3 spot-lights HALOGEN (low voltage). Also in the bathroom an electrical POWER RAIL will be installed to heat the bathroom space and the towels, worth EUR 205.00.
Kitchen sink made of stainless-steel with one drier and one basin. Mixer made of nickel.

Full electrical installation. On the ceilings of all the apartments spot-lights will be placed. Interphones with camera will be installed which they will serve all apartments. Internal installation of speakers for music system. Provision for 3 spots for telephone coverage and 3 spots for television coverage with Central System of Satellite Antenna (SMART TV). In the entrance of the building, a Central Code System of Security will be installed.

Central System of air-conditioning for warm and cold air, will be placed, type VRV (variable air mass for big energy economizing, that is in the consumption of electricity. The air that will be used is friendly to the environment).

Hot water for the kitchen, lavatory and the bath with electric boiler.
The provision of cold water will be done with water tank 1000LTRS with separate measurer for each apartment.

The whole installation will be MANIFOR and all the pipes will be aluminum with PVC tile.

All exterior surfaces will be decorative plaster GRAFIATO and some spaces will be faced with stone according to the plans. All the internal surfaces will be painted with emulsion paint.

Water-proofing with Mastic Asphalt (4 year warranty by the manufacturer).

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